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The following products are suitable for Nigeria; we export them to countries with hot and humid climate.

Sim Derma

This is a microbial fertilizer/inoculant for seed treatment. In the attached article, field results for wheat in Ukraine are given as example.

Sim Derma can be applied to almost all kinds of seeds; we can give the right dosages for special crops.

It is used to support root growth and to protect the roots from attacks of soil borne pathogen fungi.

Sim Bacil

Is a microbial fertilizer/inoculant for foliar applications. It has nutritional components but will be used mainly as a prophylactic  microbial agent against fungi like grey mould etc.

Sim Wall
Is a toxin binder-immunity booster-Salmonella inhibitor together. There were some successfull academic tests done in Nigeria.
Sim Wall is used as feed additive in poultry and aquaculture feeds.

Sim Pro-L
Is a probiotic-enzyme product in liquid formulation. We also add aminoacids according to wish of our customers. The application is easy and directly into drinking water.
Sim Pro-L is very effective by heat stress and regulates the gut flora, inhibits pathogens.

We have good NSP enzyme mixtures and phytase. We adjust our enzymes according to Standard raw materials used in a country.

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