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In agriculture, true clean is much more than an aesthetic preference; it’s the difference between profit and loss. The dangers hidden from view at the microscopic level can wipe out livestock and endanger human health.

How can farms protect their people and investments from pathogens such as salmonellastaphstrepE.coli, viruses and other microbes? There’s an old way (that does not work) and a new way (that does work).

The old way relies on toxic chemicals that attempt to poison pathogens and aren’t particularly healthy for people. Even worse, these chemical cleaners DO NOT WORK. They may destroy some of the pathogens but they leave a persistent biofilm and even more dangerous chemically-resistant microbes. Surfaces may look clean, but it’s only an illusion.

The new way uses proprietary chemistry and probiotics, which are good bacteria. The combination of our pH neutral chemistry and beneficial microbes leave the surface truly clean down to the microbial level for a new level of clean.

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