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We are Farmers

Agro Service Providers Limited is a leading agricultural company in the production of high quality food through sustainable agriculture. 

We produce honest food. The majority of our produce is organic and certified as such by the Organic Farmers and Growers body, this means that we uphold the highest quality standards.

The daily operation of our farms is run by our farm managers, who know hands-on how the farms are best managed. We are zealous about farming and we consistently focus on becoming better farmers.

We are Suppliers

The growing world population means that the world’s food demands are also growing. To meet those demands, production needs to be faster and more efficient than it was in the past. Agro Service Providers Limited supplies Agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combine harvesters, and crop dusters, to help to achieve these goals.

We ensure that crop quality and consistency is maintained to help meet global demands for food. To meet these growing demands we have adopted various Agro chemical  technologies that enhance agrochemical products, making them more effective, reliable and consistent.

We are Expert

Our teams include agronomists, analysts, coffee cuppers, ginners, quality assurers, and many more.We pride ourselves on providing the best service to all clients.We apply creativity and innovation to every aspect of your Agric business.

Why Choose Us


Sustainability is part of everything we do. We believe in embracing our responsibility for sustainable growth and that being a responsible company means from the materials we use, to the ingredients we create and the way we manufacture and operate, we should make a positive contribution to people’s lives and the world they live in. Our balanced sustainability approach considers environmental, social and economic impacts and our established long term sustainability strategy has tough performance targets to ensure we adapt and challenge ourselves to meet business needs today and in the future.

Our Mission

Agro Service Providers is set to take healthy farming to all corners of the world so as to bring about a healthier people. We seek to reduce to the barest minimum all forms of chemical based farming to Natural and organic, non-chemical based farming practices.

Our Vision

We want to achieve a healthy vibrant people made from non-chemical based ingredients resulting from the consumption food products. In no time, we want to see all farmers across the land embrace the practices of healthy farming.